Tax Day now July 15: Treasury, IRS extend filing deadline and federal tax payments regardless of amount owed.


As a result of the developing coronavirus pandemic, we’ve made the decision to suspend all in-person appointments. However we are still able to receive your tax documents via the secure portal or our own “drive thru” system. We have placed a small drop box (a cooler 🙂) that is immediately in front of our door. Some of our clients have already utilized this method when cancelling their appointment and have found it to be very easy and has given them piece of mind. We are still available to speak with you via email and phone and will answer any questions or contact you with any questions should they arise during the processing of your return. If you have questions prior to dropping off your documentation, feel free to call or email us at our portal e-mail so everyone in the office will receive it for a timely response. Our portal e-mail address isjbportal@jbcpatax.com.

In the meantime, when dropping off your information, please do the following:

  • Call us when you are on your way to the office to insure, we are here – (636) 536-4992
  • Once you are here, give us a call before placing anything in the drop box
  • Once we receive your call, we will come to the door
  • Place your materials in the drop box
  • We will immediately come get the materials
  • Go home and stay safe!

As for delivery of the tax return back to you we will call you and discuss options when we have the return done.

This difficult decision was not made lightly and is being enacted for the safety of you as well as our employees and everyone’s families. Hopefully we are being ultra-cautious. And when we come out of this, it is our hope that we look back and wonder if we needed to do this. But we would rather look back and wonder if we needed to limit the contact rather than wish we did limit the contact.

Can’t wait for you guys to come in again … Lexi, Louie, Jenifer, Rhonda Chelsea & Michelle

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